Activities :

Leachate Treatment Plants : The leachate from municipal solid waste landfills can treated at leachate treatment plants. These treatment plants can be designed at sewerage or river discharge limits. Our company has been manufacturing and building leachate treatment plants with MBR + NF technology.

Wastewater Recycling Facilities : The wastewater can be recycled as process water at the wastewater treatment plants by using MBR, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or RO in accordance with the need.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants : Our company manufactures and builds industrial MBR wastewater treatment plants.

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants : Especially used for food and paper industries. Our company builds UASB , EGSB and High EGSB types of anaerobic reactors and biogas biological desulphurization units.

Odour Control Systems: Scrubber and biofilter odour control units are established for removal of odours. If the collection of odour is not possible, notralisation type of odour control systems can be built.

Solid Waste Landfills and Transfer Stations: Hamle builds landfills for solid wastes for a healthy environmental and solid waste transfer stations for transferring the waste for economical reasons.

Consultancy & Operation: HAMLE provides consultancy and operation services for waste water treatment plants and MBR wastewater treatment plants to work more efficiently, smoothly for optimum conditions.

Pilot Study: HAMLE also provides pilot scale treatment services. Pilotting is important for difficult industrial wastewaters treatment.

Advantages of working wıth Hamle :

  • A company which has completed major environmental projects,
  • A company which is local and reachable,
  • A company which has technical and infrastructure
  • European standard production, installation and construction
  • A company which is trustable and esteems ethic values
  • A company which has trial and experience
  • Cost and trust advantage of the construction company
  • Submit different solutions in accordance with the customer needs